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21 - 22 AugustPiperska Muren

Even when you believe you have no artistic talent – this is where you learn the basic visual vocabulary and ingredients for visualization with the bikablo® technique. For example, drawing simple flip chart templates that you can use in your work the next day!

What to expect in our visual facilitation training

In this 2 day training, we focus on the basics of drawing and imagery in visual language: No matter how small or big your talent, you will take your first visual steps on a flip chart and learn how to use small details to make large spaces look clear, attractive, and lively. You will be working in small groups and both trainers will take plenty of time to answer your questions and guide you into the world of visual language with hints and techniques suited to fit your individual progress.

  • Holding the pen and drawing the line: How do I draw clean lines and structure my space on the flip chart?
  • Graphics and text containers: How do I create simple arrows and connecting elements from basic geometric shapes in order to present related topics? Which text containers (e.g. speech bubbles) can be used to support which kinds of messages?
  • Objects and symbols: How do I draw simple symbols to underline messages? What is essential, what can be left out?
  • Figures: What easy ways does bikablo® provide to draw people, roles, groups and situations?
  • Color and space: What are simple and fast options to color elements and spaces in a quick and simple way that supports the graphic structure?
  • Writing: how do I improve my handwriting on the flip chart to make it more legible and attractive?
  • Posters and settings: How do I combine the ingredients (graphics, writing, symbols, figures, and color) to create to the point visual translations of content and meaningful posters for different purposes (welcome, agenda, instructions, group work)?

    This visual facilitation training is for you if, for example...

      • You are (still) convinced that you are not at all talented and still would like to learn how to visualize.
      • You have not yet participated in a visual facilitation training with us.
      • You have little experience with visualization so far and are looking for an easy way to improve your flip charts with good handwriting, graphics, symbols and simple figures to make them more clear, attractive, and lively.

      General information and registration

      • Language: English
      • bikablo® StarterSet: Every participant receives our official StarterSet including four visualization markers and two StarterBooklets that summarize the principles, content and techniques of the training on 64 pages.
      • Documentation: For your follow-up you will receive a digital photo documentation of all results.
      • Trainer and participants: max. 16 participants, two trainers

      Price: 12.500kr+moms


      Grete Garschagen

      Grete grew up in the lovely city Cologne, Germany. She works as leadership- and communications trainer, coach and change agent who loves to support people in their development. At bikablo, she runs various visualization trainings and uses her skills as a visual facilitator in group settings. Her connection to Sweden is a special one because of her volunteer year in Knivsta, nearby Stockholm a couple of years ago. Hence she is eager to return with the bikablo technique in her backpack as a really useful framework for all kinds of business and personal development processes.

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      Kristian Ronne

      Born in Denmark, Kristian lived in Kuwait, Canada and now in Sweden. He has been motivating people in his classes since 1996. He helps small to global organisations with bridging visual gaps to better understand and learn, documentation of processes and creation of learning materials and presentation design. He also works with facilitation at events and audience engagement.Whether you need a graphic recorder at your event, a visual coach to do some sparring with or perhaps you need to create better presentations; Kristian could be your guy. He also creates animated videos and team building events for smaller or larger groups, plus connects individuals through his network. Kristian conducts bikablo trainings in Scandinavia, both in-house and public, in Danish, Swedish, Scandinavian or English.

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      Piperska Muren

      Scheelegatan 14


      Wednesday 21 aug 9.30 AM – 5 PM

      Thursday 22 aug 9 AM – 5 PM